Contains user settings accessible through the script

Module Summary

Using Settings

var amazon   = FILLZ.SOURCE.AMAZONUS.v2;
var settings = FILLZ.SETTINGS.v1;
var filter   = FILLZ.FILTERS.v1;
// all offers on amazon that aren't the seller
var offers = amazon.offers(filter.seller_id.excludes(settings.seller_id_for_venue('amazon'), settings.seller_id_for_venue('amazon2')));
// get lowest price
var price = offers.lowest_price.price;


  • seller_id_for_venue(venue)

    The function accepts one of amazon, amazon2, amazonca, amazonde, amazonfr or amazonuk and returns the seller's merchant id for that marketplace, if it exists.

  • seller_id

    The Merchant ID of the seller for the Amazon marketplace being repriced, if applicable.